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Get your daily dose of calm with convenience by mixing our water-soluble CBD powder into your favourite hot drink or smoothie.

Each box contains 20 CBD sachets and each sachet contains 10mg of CBD.
Recommended maximum daily dose = 20mg CBD (2 sachets).

Commonly used for Helps to provide relief from anxiety, sleep issues, chronic pain and inflammation, as well as various other health conditions and concerns.

Stir or blend well into beverage until powder is dissolved.

CBD Powder
Anti caking agent

Water soluble, isolate CBD, THC Free

Will I get high if I take CBD?

No, CBD is non intoxicating. It is has had all the THC (the compound associated with the high of cannabis) removed.

How many sachets can I take in a day?

Dosage is entirely personal, so we usually recommend that you try one sachet and then decide from there how much you think your body needs based on how you feel and what your personal health needs are. The South African legal recommended daily dose is 20mg, which amounts to 2 sachets.

Will the CBD sachets have the same benefits as CBD oil?

Yes. The sachets have exactly the same effect on the body. The choice comes down to a matter of preference, in terms of how you like to take your CBD. Some prefer to have it stirred into a drink using the sachets, while others prefer using the dropper under the tongue.

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