R 900 R 1,100

140cm x 190cm

Founders travelled to Richmond and Colesburg in the middle of the Karoo where they drew inspiration from the vast open spaces, clay-like sand, open plains, dry grass, clear pink skies, and the coziness of being wrapped up indoors with tea and marmalade toast. They stayed at Richmond café and rooms, visited padstals, and ventured out to Pink Hill. Vibrant colors of the ever-changing sky, the silence in the morning, wrapped up in layers and dancing in robes in the field. Open planned bathrooms, grandeur bathtubs, and massive showers. Hand-picked cacti pop of yellow and still moments. 

COLOUR: reversible black and beige 100% turkish linen

Flat woven / loomed in Turkey by artisans and celebrates craftsmanship

Hand tied cotton tassels

140cm X 190 cm


Hand wash cold and hang to dry, best without stay soft or other detergents.

Summah towels become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

They are multi-purposeful travel companions, and utilized for wraps, picnic blankets or bathroom towels.

Each blanket comes in a reusable branded canvas bag that can keep all your treasures or travel on every adventure.

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