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Nourish your everyday with SANA Matcha

  • JAS Certified
  • Organically grown and ground in small batches in Japan, for SANA (2022)
  • 50g - makes around 25 cups (about 1 month's supply)
  • All natural sweetness, with no bitter taste

The ultimate green superfood and ancient nutritional powerhouse.

  • Clean green energy without any jitters or caffeine crash
  • Boosts metabolic, immune, hair, skin and nail health
  • From farm to cup - Sana matcha is freshly ground in small batches and shipped directly to Cape Town
  • Up to 137 times the antioxidants and 10 times the nutritional content of regular green tea
  • Certified Organic by JASCERT

Your daily matcha ritual

  • Dissolve 1 tsp. of SANA Matcha in a splash (2-4 tbsp) of warm - not boiling - water
  • Whisk until frothy
  • Pour over 250ml hot water or milk of choice

Other ways to enjoy your matcha

Try in smoothies, snacks, overnight oats and your favourite baked goods for an extra dose of plant-rich nourishment.

Store in a cool dry place

Organic Japanese Green Tea

The 50g bag makes 25 servings of Matcha

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