Inspired Change


R 350

The Intentional Life Journal is a journal to help create more intentionality around how you show up, create and experience magic, moments and memories in life rather than stay on autopilot mode,  chasing a checklist of doing deeds and being busy. It is all about being more, creating more moments and memories and experiencing magic in our lives daily.

A reminder to be present, intentionally focused and live life now. It’s time to be more, not do more.

  • Efficient Focus | Free of digital distractions, the journal will only take you a few minutes a day
  • Daily, undated tracking pages | A guided journal process, structured around your intentional life practice to help you build consistency and momentum around incorporating intentionality into your life daily

  • Professional look and feel | Sophisticated fabric cover in an easy to manage size (13 x 21 cm), 144 pages

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