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Find relief from anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues and inflammatory conditions with a daily dose of our Goodleaf CBD drops. Made with a combination of MCT oil (for easier dosage and absorption) and broad spectrum CBD extract that is ecologically farmed, lab-processed, purified and produced under the strictest safety & quality standards.

600 mg CBD

Recommended daily dose: 20mg (20 drops). 
Container serving: 30 days. 
For oral use only. 
Shake well before use. 
Store in a cool, dark place.

Commonly used for Helps to provide relief from anxiety, sleep issues, chronic pain and inflammation, as well as various other health conditions and concerns.

Dosage is entirely personal, and will depend on the individual's preference, requirements and unique biochemistry.

It is recommended that new users experiment to find a dosage schedule that feels right for them - there is no incorrect way of taking CBD.

Alternatively, our basic guidelines are as follows:

1 Dose Per Day: Gently squeeze pipette to place 1ml / 20 drops (one full dropper) of CBD oil under the tongue. Hold for 60-90 seconds for optimal absorption, then swallow.


2 Doses Per Day: Gently squeeze pipette to place 0.5ml / 10 drops (half a dropper) of CBD oil under the tongue. Hold for 60-90 seconds for optimal absorption, then swallow. Repeat at second interval.

CBD oil can also be mixed into cold food and beverages, but please note that absorption through digestion will take twice as long as via sublingual (under the tongue) administration.

Broad spectrum hemp extract
MCT oil 

Vegan, Free from THC and Sugar


Will I get high if I take CBD?

No, CBD is completely non-intoxicating. It is has had all the THC (the compound associated with the "high" of cannabis) removed.

How many drops should I take?

Dosage is entirely personal. We usually recommend that you start low and go slow, then decide from there how much you think your body needs based on how you feel and what your personal health needs are. The South African legal recommended daily dose for CBD is 20mg, which amounts to 20 drops a day (one pipette full).

How long will one bottle last?

If you go according to the recommended daily dose of 20mg a day, one bottle should last you 30 days.

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