R 540

172cm x 92cm

Summah’s Maroc collection is inspired by Marrakech and the dusty souks, buying fresh fruits and carpet gazing. They drew inspiration from dreamy interiors of Berber lodges and secret Riads, dried grasses, camels, hidden palm tree oasis’, open spaces and dusty hues of pinks, breezy cottons and the colors of warm humid summers.

Their collection is an assortment of handpicked summer essentials characterized by 70’s inspired styles and colors, with pops of bright yellow stripes mixed with neutral tones and terracotta’s. Dedicated to the authenticity and the unpretentious, the mystery of its past with the strong artistic personality of its present. 

COLOUR:  navy with white stripes

100% turkish beach towel with hand tied cotton tassels (can double up as a bath towel)

Flat woven / loomed in Turkey by artisans and celebrates craftsmanship

172cm x 92cm 


Hand wash cold and hang to dry, best without stay soft or other detergents. 

Summah towels become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

They are multi-purposeful travel companions paired with a cute bikini and a wide brim sun hat, this towel is every bit fun as it is practical. 

Each towel comes in a reusable branded canvas bag that can keep all your treasures or travel on every adventure.

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