R 1,800


Summah’s Mediterrenean collection is inspired by the turquoise coastline, jutted cliffs and coves and little beach towns. Think deep ocean blues and nautical lines, pops of citrus colors and endless days in the sun.  Rustic and modern tactile home accessories and summer essentials. Natural elements like linen and organic cotton, texture and neutral layers.

They drew inspiration from dreamy interiors of Fica Villas in Ibiza / Malta, White stone homes in Mykonos, the coastline of Turkey and beach clubs and little towns in Italy.

COLOUR:  reversible charcoal and soft grey 

100% turkish textured muslin cotton 

Flat woven / loomed in Turkey by artisans and celebrates craftsmanship

Signature SUMMAH eyelash fringe 

170cm X 215cm


Hand wash cold and hang to dry, best without stay soft or other detergents. 

Summah towels become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

They are multi-purposeful travel companions paired with a cute bikini and a wide brim sun hat, this towel is every bit fun as it is practical. 

Each blanket comes in a reusable branded canvas bag that can keep all your treasures or travel on every adventure.

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